There is a great difference between segmentation and personalization.

Segmentation is a great solution when you have limited resources – you can break down your greater audience into smaller groups and send out content and offers that is more relevant to them.

But an ideal system can personalize content down to a really personal level. It will not send an email to a group, like 30-year-old males in a given town, but to “John Smith” personally, offering what might interest him based on his past behavior.

Machine learning is special because in theory there is really no limit to what a complex system can do: with a powerful enough software and hardware environment you can not only rely on past data, but also predict actions in the future.


The power of predictive analysis

The process will look like this: you create quality content, upload your products and set the guidelines – and the automated system looks through all this and user data before sending out an email.

Based on past action – what kind of subject line did a particular recipient favor by opening the email, which CTAs inside the mail were the most efficient and so on – machines can also predict future actions much more precisely than we can.

A personal marketer with a huge amount of data for your every subscriber.

Dynamic email templates can be perfectly personalized to fit the individual needs.

So why is this not working yet?

Well there are some solutions but it’s not a mainstream technology yet. Big data analysis and prediction are quite costly(requires lot of processing power) these days, and only specialized providers deal with it.

For example implemented a system in which they sent highly relevant content to their subscribers with personalized subject lines and they even trusted their system to decide the ideal time to send out the mail.

As a result they were able to* increase engagement by 250% and bring back more users to the site regularly*.

As an early adopter you can leverage the power of machine learning. You will need good software and powerful hardware background, and a professional email builder to create your customizable templates, which will be prepared for dynamic data and advanced personalization.

Roland Pokornyik

Roland Pokornyik

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