Top 5 Reasons To Adopt Responsive Email Design In 2014

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1. People Read Email on Mobile

Study shows that an average smartphone user checks his smartphone over 100 times a day (I personally don’t have time for that, and I’m a heavy laptop user instead)! So we should not be surprised that mobile email opens increased 21% last year and reached 51% in November 2013.

2. 80% Delete Emails Not Optimized For Mobile

People are becoming more and more intolerant with bad user experience on mobile, and nowadays 80% delete hardly readable emails on a mobile. I’m sure that you don’t want to make your subscribers feel bad about your email. But they will, if you don’t optimize it for mobile!

3. 18% Hit Unsubscribe!

If it wasn’t enough fro you to hear that almost everybody will delete your email if it doesn’t render properly on mobile, I also have to point out that every fith person will be likely to unsubscribe! This may cost you serious amounts of money, and may result in a significant decrease in the number of subscribers.

4. Outperform Your Competition

Moreover, in many industries you can be ahead of your competition with a proper responsive email strategy. According to a report by Adestra and Econsultancy still only 10% of companies have advanced mobile email strategy. In a more recent article Econsultancy reported that 42% of companies never use responsive design in emails! That’s a shame 🙁

5. Responsive Email Design Increases Click Throughs

There are numerous case studies out there reporting that responsive email design increase click through rates. We would like to point out just some of the most well known ones.

  • Careerbuilder improved click rates by over 20% 
  • Medscape – a health information website – increased CTR by 53%
  • One of inboxmarketer’s clients reported an extremely high 113% increase in click through rates after adopting responsive design

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