According to a recent report, published by Adestra and Econsultancy, most businesses in the UK still do not really care about optimizing their emails for mobile. 39% have basic strategy and 22% do not optimize emails for mobile at all.

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What are the reasons for that?

In May 2013 45% of companies still didn’t have a mobile site or app. I’m sure that many of them already launched a responsive website or a mobile site, but those who didn’t they don’t even care about optimizing emails for mobile.

We think that responsive email design really worth the effort for most businesses, even for those who do not have a mobile optimized website. Why? Because if your email looks good on a mobile phone, maybe your subscribers will check back to your website later from their laptop. On the other hand, take into consideration that many of your customers, who are especially tech savvy, may be disappointed. If they tap on a button in a stylish mobile friendly email and arrive to a website, which offers a terrible user experience on mobile, is a bad user experience for sure.

Responsive web design and responsive email design should go hand in hand, and thankfully both cost less and less as time passes by. There are numerous tools which make responsive web design easier and we are working hard to create the best responsive email editor tool for you.

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