As you may have read in our previous article 2013 was a busy year in email marketing. The most discussed topic definitely was responsive email design. That’s one of the main reasons why EDMdesigner came into existence.

We were all fed up with the long and ineffective process of custom email template building. It’s okay when you have a template and you just tailor your content to it. But what if you want something unique? Cool? Sexy? You still have to get somebody to code it for you. That’s what we want to change with

We are working hard to create the best possible responsive email template editor tool in the market. A tool which won’t limit your imagination, has all the necessary functions but remains easy to use. It’s challenging for us, but one thing is for sure: our responsive HTML email templates support 90%+ of all desktop, mobile and web email clients and all sorts of other email readers (our email output is continuously tested with Litmus and the figures are calculated on the basis of public Litmus’ data).

Our HTML output is compatible with

We support 90%+ of all desktop, web and mobile email clients.

We are **ready to prove it **through A/B testing projects! How?

  • You send us your email template (in a .zip with text, images, and layout – can be a .psd as well).
  • We replicate it with EDMdesigner.
  • **You get **back a pro responsive email template for FREE!
  • We just would like to ask you to A/B test it with your previous template and share the results with us.

**Interested?**Drop me a line to, and we can discuss everything individually.

Roland Pokornyik

Roland Pokornyik

CEO / Co-founder @ &

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