If not then pay close attention and we will tell you why implementing responsive emails are crucial to increase your conversion rate.

Mobile devices are dominating the personal communication market and by  more and more people using them, marketers need to think about how email communication should be aligned. If you’re still sending the old-fashion, regular emails to your customers then don’t expect your business to grow as rapidly as technology allows. Bluehornet’s surv ey pointed out that 60-80% of consumers either delete the email or even unsubscribe from the service if the mobile email doesn’t look good on their devices. This number is too high and none of the businesses can afford these days to ignore the new trend.

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What the survey says?

Ever wondered about why your colleague replies to your email at 7AM, not even before getting out of bed? The answer is fairly simple: around 50% of all emails are opened on a mobile device as per Litmus’ research. This ratio makes mobile devices the most popular medium for reading emails. No wonder why the already mentioned Bluehornet concluded a wide survey on consumers’ views of email marketing. Trust me, the results will make you think about putting more effort on responsive emails. If your email is well-designed for mobile devices (and so it doesn’t end up in the trash), 63% of the consumers may buy a product by opening a readable email. But consumers went further and most of them fancy the idea to use their mobile devices to redeem discounts or coupons. Just imagine the effectiveness of combining your message with promotions by combining readable emails and barcodes.  All in all these figures are very simple: half of the email readers are now using their devices to open emails. If you don’t put enough emphasis on your email design, it’s highly likely to lose most of the potential consumers even though more than every second of them would consider buying your product.

Any tangible results out there?

Marketers have just recently realized the potential in responsive emails. That said around 42% of them still don’t know anything about their email open rate. On the other hand, most of those who pay a close attention on conversion rate reported that responsive email integration is somewhat effective and 16% of them went further and said that the integration was extremely effective. What does this mean in numbers? Companies tend not to share these information however there are plenty of examples out there which proves that responsive email does extend the click-through rates and  increase the conversion rate.

I’m pretty sure you know the brand, Crocs. They produce those strange but very comfy plastic sandals in funny colors. They were kind enough with the marketers and web designers to share their results after implementing responsive emails. Their first test focused on comparing static desktop, static mobile design and responsive emails with content of discount and sale information. There were not much difference between the different approaches so we can state that content, especially discount related ones, still wins over format. However Crocs pointed out that the static mobile design was the worst performer proving the need for responsive emails. Their second A/B test focused on non-discount content. Half of the group received a responsive email design whereas the other half got the static desktop version. Not surprisingly (at least not for us) the results came out in favor of the responsive email design. It has shown a 7.66% lift in click-to-open rate, a 15.63% lift in iPhone ‘read’ engagement for the responsive version and a 8.82% lift on general mobile ‘read’ engagement. And to spice the results up, the revenue on the responsive version was higher compare to the desktop version.

Responsive-emails-hack-conversion-rates02Source: Exacttarget.com

But Crocs is not the only company who shared their results. CareerBuilder increased its click-through rate by 20% after implementing responsive email design whereas O’Neill doubled its iPhone transactions and quadrupled its Android transactions after introducing a responsive web design. Do you like these results?


The numbers clearly show better results if email design for mobile devices is considered. The responsive email integration helps increasing the desire to read brand emails and the loyalty amongst the consumers. It also helps attracting unengaged subscribers who otherwise would probably dump the email or the entire service as such.  So take a look at your email formats and click-through rates. If the numbers are low, there is no question about your to-doS. If the numbers are average, its a matter of time that those consumers drop out. An optimized user experience will help you increase your click-through and conversion rates which ultimately results in a higher chance that your consumer end up buying what you offer.

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