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This chart itself should not be surprising for most of us if we think a bit of our own habits. After waking up, we usually start checking our emails, online social life, chat messages, etc. That’s how most of us spend time in mornings! This is one of the reasons why email is still the most popular activity on a smartphone!

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We open emails more often, but we don’t interact! Why? Because we are always connected to the internet, but we are not prepared to “convert” all the time!

  • It’s harder to convince people to purchase something directly from their smartphone.
  • We tend to be in “read only mode” on our smartphones.
  • If an email makes us interested, we mark it unread and check it again on desktop for further consideration.

How can you make your readers click your emails on mobile?

  • IMPORTANT: Make your emails mobile-friendly!
  • Hide irrelevant content, which is for those who read on desktop – with EDMdesigner’s email editor you can easily hide any content on mobile
  • Make the mobile conversion process smooth – have a mobile-friendly website, mobile site or mobile app, which is optimized for mobile users
  • Offer them extra benefits if they make the desired action on their mobile devices

These high open rates show that email is still the most successful online marketing channel, you just have to learn how to make it work for your business!

We are here to help you make outstanding mobile-friendly email templates with less effort and we also offer our system for integration into any system! Have you already tried EDMdesigner?

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