It was a long ago when we launched our first landing page, and now the time has come to publish a totally new website. It includes more detailed information about the product, our story and your hangs on feedbacks as well. We hope that this new site reflects perfectly where we are right now, and that our mission is make emails enjoyable on all devices. This is the reason why we are working hard on creating the best email editor tool out there. We make it available for everyone through our website and even offer it for integration into any system (including ESPs)! New Website

In the past months we decided to make an easily customizable, really flexible API from our application. On this road we discovered that some important parts of the editor ui, have to be changed. This is necessary to be able to fit into smaller screen sizes, and numerous different systems.

In order to know the challenges of implementing our own API, we decided to do base the editor inside on the API as well. It was a great experience for us, and we will share what we learned about the implementation process in a dedicated blog post soon. For more information about our API, please visit this page.

We hope that you like this new version as much as we do, and of course, if you find something buggy or inconvenient, post a comment, a feedback or just drop us a line! We are always happy to hear from you 😉

Roland Pokornyik

Roland Pokornyik

CEO / Co-founder @ &

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