In the last month we were working hard to improve the quality of our e-mail HTML output even more. By this we can proudly say that our compatibility list is unbeatable. You can see “new” tags to the all new supported clients including some very fancy and new clients like Airmail and Mailbox. Also, there are tons of bug fixes, eg. issues with the good old Outlook family.


Please take a look at EDMdesigner’s generator’s change log:

  • improved Multi Column output
  • button font type and padding bottom issues fixed (MS Outlook 2007/10/13)
  • background image on the body fixed (MS Outlook 2007/10/13)
  • margin/padding bottom and too big line-spacings fixed (
  • improved align handling (Yahoo! Mail)
  • added support for Windows Phone 7.5 and above
  • added support for Android 4.3 and above (native client)
  • added support for and (webmails)
  • added support for and (webmails)

The other big news for the week that we released v1.1 of our EDMdesigner Addon for Interspire Email Marketer. We also created a page from where you will always be able to download the newest version and you will be informed about the changes between versions.

Gyula Németh

Gyula Németh

Co-founder & CTO @

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