We are happy to announce that our Paid accounts are live and Image Upload is available for all paying customers. But don’t worry, *the FREE account is still open for everybody! *

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We decided to integrate PayPal for processing all your transactions. The main reason for choosing PayPal was that it is still the biggest brand out there for online payment. We have to tell you that the integration of PayPal was way more complicated than it should be, but we did it eventually.

Focus on API improvements in the upcoming weeks

Thankfully we are in conversations with various companies, who are interested in integrating EDMdesigner to their system. We get a lot of feedback and feature requests from them, so we decided to focus on these improvements.

Header/Footer elements can already be defined through the API, while the SSL implementation is still in progress (hopefully we can solve it today) – note: Will update this post when we are done with it.

We want to make EDMdesigner really the best email editor out there and have many cool features on our roadmap. All new features are designed to improve user experience, extend the functionality of the tool and reduce the time needed for creating professional responsive email templates.

Note: We discovered an Outlook bug in our Generator. Will fix it ASAP to ensure that all your emails are displaying correctly! We changed lot of things in the system recently, and spent many hours with testing and fixing bugs, but if you happen to find an unknown error, please report it instantly to support@edmdesigner.com.

Roland Pokornyik

Roland Pokornyik

CEO / Co-founder @ Chamaileon.io & EDMdesigner.com

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