Email marketing has never been so exciting as it is nowadays. Thanks to smart devices people are always connected to the internet and have access to email as well. But will email be as important in the future as it is today?

Is there any new technology which would be able to replace email by 2020? I doubt so, but there are some exciting stuff on the market which are already changing the email landscape.

For example messaging/chat apps, have definitely cut a huge slice of the personal email cake. We rarely send emails to each other, only if we have to send a file or an invitation. Business messaging is a bit different, since it’s still email oriented, although Slack is growing with extreme speed and might disrupt the business email scene.

*Email marketing will still be there by 2020, but majority (85%) think that it is likely to become fully integrated with other marketing channels. *

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Yes, I’m definitely among those who believe in a more integrated future. Where everything connects to everything and the result is personal web experience- maybe I would call it web 3.0 = the personal web.

76% also believe in that email communication will be completely personalized and email marketing will still yield one of the highest ROI of all marketing channels (74%). All these stats seem to support that marketing automation will reform the industry and that *we’re heading towards a more personalized, big data driven web. *

I’m excited about he new trends as a marketer and individual as well. What about you, what do you think?

Roland Pokornyik

Roland Pokornyik

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