Although email marketing is a killer marketing channel you can hardly build your marketing strategy only on email. Why? Because you need to opt-in your email subscribers at first, if you don’t want to be considered as just another SPAM machine.

The opt-in part has costs and requires the use of additional online marketing channels like PPC, SEO, content marketing and might include traditional offline channels as well. Other marketing channels definitely have higher costs than email marketing itself, but they cannot really exist without each other.

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Email marketing is only the top of the iceberg! Since the costs of other online marketing channels – especially PPC – are continuously increasing the iceberg gets bigger.  SEO changed a lot and it’s shifting to content creation, which is more expensive than building links throughout the web.

We also a see that the whole “email” industry is trending towards marketing automation, and simple email sending solutions are getting less popular. Anyways email marketing has to be taken really seriously, if you want to make the most out of it! You need to build a proper database, personalize your emails, not only %%Name%%  but email content as well.

*Do you use marketing automation tools? If not it’s time for you to dig deeper! *

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Roland Pokornyik

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