Responsive Email Editor Add-on For Interspire Email Marketer

Make mobile-friendly email templates with Interspire!

*The majority of people read email on mobile. *Have you noticed this trend among your subscribers?

We have built the most flexible responsive email editor addon for you, which will help you make professional mobile-friendly email templates with Interspire Email Marketer in minutes!

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  • Easy to use drag-and-drop interface
  • No more HTML coding
  • Email preview option for mobile, tablet and desktop screen sizes
  • Responsive email design will increase your click through rates and conversions!

Why Did We Build an Email Editor for Interspire?

We used Interspire Email Marketer for years. Its’ old style WYSIWYG editor is not optimized for email creation! It is just simply a struggle to build email templates with Interspire*Email Marketer* right now, and mobile friendly emails can only be created with days of HTML coding.

You don’t have to code your emails any more! We give you the best and most flexible email editor addon for Interspire Email Marketer, with which you can build mobile friendly email templates with less effort.

Our responsive email technology supports more than 90% of all devices and email clients!

Don’t have to deal with email testing any more!
That’s an issue for us, not you. Tested With Litmus And Email On Acid

All* email templates* that you produce with EDMdesigner’s Interspire Email Marketer Addon* are automatically optimized for mobile devices*.
We are using Litmus, Email on Acid and own test devices to make sure that your emails will display perfectly in the above mentioned email clients!

Want to see the email editor in production?

Check out this Demo video right now!
(Note: the Interspire Email Marketer Addon is different in design, but the functions are the same)


10 Cool Responsive Email Templates included!

5 New, Free Responsive Email Temlpates - 7 July 2014

Responsive email design increases click-through rates and conversions!

There are dozens of case studies on the web, which show that mobile-friendly emails will earn more for you. That’s a game changer!

Each and every company should care about an extra 10, 25 or even 50% income.

Do you care?

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There are already a handful of companies using our Responsive Email Editor Addon for Interspire Email Marketer, and they love it! In order to improve your user experience we are working on adding functions to the Addon continuously.

We won’t leave you behind like the Interspire Email Marketer team did…
We will always provide you the best email editor experience in Interspire Email Marketer! edmdesigner 2016 @ copyright - EDMdesigner