It’s always painful to loose a subscriber. No matter how many you have. If you invest valuable hours of your time to deliver valuable content for your subscribers, prospects, existing clients and for Google of course. But why don’t you invest some more time to figure out why did they unsubscribe?

You may think that statistics, have all the answers for you. Yes they will tell you the big picture, like this one.

Why consumbers unsubscribe from your emailssource: BlueHornet – Consumer Views of Email Marketing 2013

But valuable feedback will come from real people: your ex-subscribers. If you have a short web form on your unsubscribe page (like Mailchimp has) you’ll have at least some clue. But if you send them a personal message from your real email address, they will tell you way more.

When we started building EDMdesigner I reached out to each and every user personally. No automation. They helped us to shape the product over time. Without their feedback, we would be nowhere… although there are still many things to improve.

But how would you know where and how to improve your email and/or content marketing, if you don’t ask your readers and ex-readers?

The more work we have, the less time we invest into people and personal relationships. But people are much more important than any work. We should never forget that we all build our businesses to serve the needs of real people. They are not just a userID or email addresses. If you treat them as real people, they will return the care, and will tell why did they unsubscribe. Or if not, at least you tried.

I promise that I (Roland, CEO) will personally send an email to everybody who unsubscribes from our newsletter. I care about you! We build EDMdesigner for real people not userIDs, so please feel free to drop us a line any time! We know that you can read and write 🙂

Roland Pokornyik

Roland Pokornyik

CEO / Co-founder @ &

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