Checklist Before You Start Responsive Email Coding

Email coding requires very special skills and a lot passion. Without true devotion you will give up. Most of us can hardly imagine how complicated and challenging is it. But if you like solving puzzles, riddles or escape games and your answer is YES to all of the following questions, go for it!

  • Do you know the HTML browser / parser / renderer solutions better than developers who built them?
  • Do you know Google directives and SPAM regulations? (for example CASL)
  • Are you prepared to research a lot to find the intersection where Gmail meets, Outlook, Yahoo and Android mail for example?
  • Do you know which email clients are you targeting and how to target them?
  • Do you have a curious, patient and adventurous personality?
  • Do you have roughly a 100 different smartphones and tablets in your drawer? …or at least a Litmus and/or Email on Acid subscription?

No? Don’t worry, there are still some options you can consider before coding a responsive email template from scratch!

  • You can Google for free responsive email templates
  • Use a framework like Zurb’s Ink
  • Buy an email template from Themeforest or Stamplia for some dollars
  • Use prebuilt email templates of Mailchimp, Campaignmonitor or Beefree
  • Or use EDMdesigner”s responsive email editor for free to skip the whole HTML coding part and build totally customized email templates with drag-and-drop

We help single end-users and also SaaS providers with our editor as well, since we offer our email editor API for totally customized white-label integration into any system. Feel free to reach out to us if you need any help in responsive email coding.

Roland Pokornyik

Roland Pokornyik

CEO / Co-founder @ &

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