53% of emails are opened on mobile but unfortunately many of these messages will make you suffer! Either because they look bad on mobile or it’s hard to interact with them.  At least that’s what a recent study by RealTime Email – shows.

80 Percent of People Have Bad Feelings About Mobile Email

The biggest issue is still the frequency of messages, since 44% of subscribers say that they get too many emails. This is a really sensitive issue and it’s hard to find a fair remedy. Be carful with how many emails you send, and focus generally on quality, relevancy, personalization, instead of quantity.

At least 32% of emails are still not optimized for mobile! That’s exactly where you can easily improve by using EDMdesigner as an end user or integrating it directly into your system. What do you think, is this number right? Can it be the truth that the majority of emails are already optimized for mobile? Who knows. Our personal experience is that roughly every third or fourth email looks okay on mobile.

A proper email design, doesn’t worth a dime, if the website where it leads offers bad user experience on mobile. *26% still haven’t optimized their website for mobile. *

Takeaway? Quite general, but still worth repeating.

  • Don’t flood your email list with messages! Frequency is a key to your success. But accept that people will complain about it anyways, since they are subscribed to more newsletters than they would ever think.
  • Focus on quality instead of quantity!
  • Optimize your website and email design for mobile together!
Roland Pokornyik

Roland Pokornyik

CEO / Co-founder @ Chamaileon.io & EDMdesigner.com

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