limitations of html email design - email width and size

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We were involved in various responsive email pilots with partners, and we always faced this question:

“Why should we fit our email template into 600px?
Screen resolutions are much bigger nowadays, aren’t they?”

Everything in the online / tech world is developing. New devices, email clients, email service providers, etc. appear day by day. But one thing doesn’t really change. Email.

Email is still a bit like we were in the 90s.

Many things were superb those years (for example: MTV, Nirvana, SMS), but the internet was only in an embryonic development stage and email was born in this era.

“Electronic mail, most commonly referred to as email or e-mail since ca. 1993, is a method of exchanging digital messages from an author to one or more recipients.”Wikipedia

The optimal email width is a very old issue, I can say. The ideal email width has been recommended at between 550 px and 600 px for many years.

Optimal Email Width Is 600px


  • Screen resolutions were too small back in the 90s (in 1024 x 768, 600/650 px is still the maximum which could fit in the screen for example in Yahoo or Aol Mail)
  • Many email clients have a preview window which has a limited size – 600 px is a safe size to go for (Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple mail)
  • You cannot be certain that your email displays in full size
  • 50-75 characters per line is the optimal line length for readability  (Source:
  • People view emails on mobile (one column, 600 px width, large font sizes = mobile first thinking is still the safest way of optimizing for mobile, but has cutbacks)

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